About Us

It's somehow logical, that a Ebike-Story can only start in a garage. And that this story is full of progress, successes and stumbling blocks, too.

But let's start at the beginning.

Our first E-Bike: Built in 2008 in our parents' house garage. We have tinkered long and hard, the result was a solid, powerful electric bike. However, it was way too ugly for the streets.

The next logical step was to beautify the E-Bike. For a start, we have converted Beachcruiser and Chopperbikes. The results? Not bad – but it took a good 100 custom builds until it was clear to us that we are on the right path.

It also dawned on us that we needed space to build and sell our E-Bikes. In Vienna's 7th district, we found premises that couldn't be more perfect – shop and manufactory located within the historical walls of a former cosmetics-factory.

There we created the models Lux, Fux and Gekko – three bikes that we continually developed. In the meantime we also got two patents granted!

We have completely devoted the past few months to our masterpiece – the Quest, which finally unites all our demands: It is technically perfected, has world-class looks and is also freely configurable. You can even do that online and order it right away.

If you rather keep it offline, you can of course visit us in our store. If we are there. Because we do our own promotion – on the Quest, where else?


We thank Departure for their support:

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